Taking the Lensbaby Sweet 35 for a Spin

What better place to test my new Lensbaby Sweet 35 than in the countryside of France in autumn?

I had woken up slightly before 7am and saw the morning light slowly brightening up the skies. Instead of grabbing a hot coffee first, I grabbed my dSLR and mounted the Lensbaby on it. I didn’t need caffeine to get my internal system running; I was already high on adrenaline and excitement!

The Lensbaby is not your typical lens as it is a fully manual lens. None of that electronic thingy like the AutoFocus in your dSLR is going to work. So I basically had to guess gauge what ISO and shutter settings I was going to use. Then depending on how big of a ‘Sweet Spot’ I wanted in my photo, I would then rotate the aperture dial to adjust my focus. Once I’ve adjusted my focus, I would then tilt the lens to see what kind of effects works best for the shot.

I certainly wished I had the Macro Adapter for my Lensbaby!

(hmm… I should seriously consider getting the Macro Adapter for this lens)

I would say that the Lensbaby, it being a special effects lens, is definitely more for someone who loves experimenting with photography and has the patience for it. This lens is not for your average fast shooter or those who loves to point-and-shoot.

And here’s a special treat for all you dog lovers out there. This is Uncas, a Newfoundland dog that is just the sweetest and smartest 🙂

All the photos that you see in this post were all taken on that morning.

6 thoughts on “Taking the Lensbaby Sweet 35 for a Spin

    • Thank you. I try to write my blog like how I would say it in front of friends who don’t know much about photography 🙂 And thank you for dropping by!

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