Getting Up-Close with French Cows. MoooOOooooo!!

Cows are such magnificent creatures. One of the many ridiculous things that came to my mind was “Holy cow! I can eat 1,000 beef burgers from this one!!!”

The photos that you see in this post were taken from the country side in France. Somewhere near Mont Lucon if I’m not mistaken (my sense of direction is as good as my cooking… that is if you love everything to be “BBQ-ed” or “charbroiled”, if you get what I mean).

The man that you see in the photos is a breeder and these are his cows. In the photo below, he is guiding the bull to come closer to us (we were staying with a friend whose husband happens to be a vet who specializes in large animals. So that is how we got to see and know about these magnificent creatures)

A bull that has his balls intact is used for breeding purposes, while those that were castrated are bred for its meat… which is where your steak and beef burger comes from. I don’t know about you, but I’m suddenly having a craving for a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder 😉

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