[Guest Post] Green Goblin in the Garden

Recently over the summer I noticed my parsley plant was slowly getting smaller. Thinking it was because of the heat of the summer sun or lack of water, I went to take a closer look. Only to then find this little guy chewing on my parsley stalks! It is called a “parsley worm” and rightfully so! He must have been have a field day for having the plant all to himself.

As I grabbed my Nikon D50 for some shots, I started to love this little creature more and more, except for feast he was having on my account. The patterns of the parsley worm or otherwise known as a Black Swallowtail Caterpillar, were just absolutely amazing and colorful. The colors blended in perfectly with the plant and the pattern was so symmetrical it was difficult to find the front of the insect compared to the back. I snapped off about 100 photos of this little guy with the perfect sunset lighting hitting him while chomping away. Just goes to show, although some things may be bothersome, there can be beautiful other side to them as well. – Virginia

When I saw these photos in my email, I immediately went, “Duuuuuddddde, these pictures are DOPE!!!!” I personally don’t like worms, and would never ever think of getting up close with one. But Virginia did a fantastic job in capturing these shots. For more awesome pictures by Virginia, please visit her blog at photosbyvab.blogspot.com

If you would like to guest post on my blog, please drop me a note here 🙂

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