Caption This!

This was a photo that my beloved photog friend, Ivan, took during my wedding (p/s: Ivan takes FABULOUS photos btw… you can check out his work here).

When I saw this photo, it made me laugh so hard that I swear, I could’ve choked on my own saliva! It’s totally different than your typical smiley couple photos. A split second in time where the two of us just got so tired from all that smiling (but according to the husband, that’s the face that I show when I’m hungry. Lol! Not a pretty sight, I must say! ;P )

Anyway, since I love poking fun at myself, I actually posted this photo up yesterday on my Facebook page to get people to create their own caption for this photo. So if you guys wanna join in the fun, please go ahead and create your own caption (either through comments on this blog or on the Facebook page, or if you’re shy you can also drop me a note here).

Best/funniest caption will be credited to the author (with link backs) and have his/her caption featured on this blog 😀

One thought on “Caption This!

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