Caption This! – And the Winner Is…


Well, actually, he was the only brave one to send in a submission for my Caption This! post.

I like how creative he got with the caption and also the effort he made in putting the whole thing together 🙂

Caption This Winner

As the caption was mostly written in the Borneo local dialect, here is the translation for those of you who are curious:

Background dancer: eeee… ngantok nya ehh…kamek tauk… hehehe
Trans: Eeee… she’s sleepy… I know… hehehe

Me: deym…ngantok ehh…i wish i sleep early last night…
Trans: Damn… so sleepy… I wish I sleep early last night…

Hubby: oohhhh…dear…the crowds are watching u… hermm
Trans: (well, do I really have to translate that?? hahaha)

Guest: Lydia tok…senyum tup mata ka…or senyum tido??
Trans: This Lydia…is she smiling while closing her eyes, or sleep smiling??

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