Experiment: Attempt at Film Development

I get only one day off from work each work. And how do I choose to spend it?

With some stinky chemicals! (and rather dangerous chemicals… that is if you’re a klutz like me)

I’ve been wanting to develop my own film for AGES. I’ve had all the stuff needed for my dark room for like forever… it’s just that I never gotten around to doing it.


I hope I’ll get some good results off my film roll. Gosh, that roll has been lying around waiting for me to develop it for so long that honestly, I can’t remember what I shot on it! Although, I do remember taking some photos while in Singapore with my sister some months back.

And the only reason I remember that is because she has been yelling harassing asking me about the multiple exposure shots I took of her when we were there for a L’arc~en~Ciel concert.

Oh God, I better get this roll developed asap before I get distracted again. Hehehe ;P

Anyway, I hope you all had a fun-filled day today!

Film Development Stuff

3 thoughts on “Experiment: Attempt at Film Development

    • No, it wasn’t!! *sigh* After gathering all the stuff & chemicals, I had forgotten a rather important tool… a bottle opener!! (I’ve tried using scissors to pry open the film roll… it didn’t budge at all)

      I couldn’t find any bottle openers in my house (most of the kitchenware got boxed up when we were renovating the house). I’ll be going down to the shop later today to get me a bottle opener.

      This is rather shameful. To be defeated by a bottle opener! hahaha ;P

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