Guest Post: Sunflowers to Kick Start 2013!

My really do must apologize for being MIA for too long. I just got so busy during the holiday season and I haven’t really slowed down since. Thankfully, I have a dear friend in blogger Virginia who has made me realized that I’ve completely neglected my blog!

Oh, and what better way to kick start my blog’s 2013 than another great post from her:


Sunflowers are always great “models” for photos. These set of gorgeous flowers were on display in a New Jersey field in the summer of 2010. With what seems like tens of thousands of flowers neatly sprouted in rows across the vast field, these set of two flowers seems to have been looking a each other.

I wanted to get real up close to the tops of the flowers to show all the details in the center. During the shot I was switching the focus between the foreground and background. Between choosing I really like the focus being on the flower in the foreground.

The angle of the flowers made it look like the one towards the back was staring at the other without it noticing. Just adds a little character to the photo. The photo was shot with my Nikon D50. For more photos, feel free to check out my website:

p/s: Also, do check out my guest post on PhotosbyVAB in conjunction with the Chinese New Year: 🙂

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