Pet Wednesdays: Introducing Mia, the British Shorthair

“British Shorthairs are an easygoing breed of cat; they tend to be safe around children as they will tolerate a fair amount of physical interaction and hiss or scratch very rarely.” – Wikipedia Mia_003

Wikipedia clearly has not met our Mia! This “tiny” cat makes it her daily goal to either catch or bite a human limb. Ankles and elbows are her absolute favorite.

My mom got her a couple years ago because she wanted Hachi to have a friend (Hachi is a Persian, very laid back but we believe she may be a little bit retarded). But those two never got along. Conflict of personalities, some might say. We simply think that Mia just doesn’t “speak” Persian and vice versa.

Mia is definitely the attention seeker between the two. She can’t stand it if we played with Hachi or even just the mention of Hachi’s name is enough to get Mia running to you. And if you ignore her, oh boy, she’ll make you pay for it.


She always wants to know what you’re up to. If you’ve just brought home some groceries, she’s going to want to sneak her head in the plastic bag to check out what you’ve bought.

She may love to be around you, but that doesn’t mean you can invade her personal space. That means, no hugging, no squeezing… well, at least not too long 😉 She also likes to sleep near you (and she’ll wake you up in the morning by nibbling at your fingers… or meowing really loudly in your ear!).

Oh, she goes nuts when there’s sound of a baby crying on tv. And if you laugh too loudly, she’ll jump on you and bites you.

As naughty as she can be, she’s quite shy (either that, or a coward… or a snob) when it comes to people she doesn’t know. Whenever we have guests over, she’ll just hide in some corner and refuses to come out until that guest leaves.


When you don’t pay attention to where she’s at or what she’s doing, she can sneak up on you on do this:

Mia's "trophy"

But despite her crazy ways of getting your attention, she’s definitely the baby of the family. She has her own charms that just makes you forget about the scratch that she just gave you. She may be quite the feisty cat, but we all love her to bits! 🙂