Adventure in the SUPER HOT Cambodia



Hey everyone!!! 

Just wanted to drop by with a quick note.

I recently came back from a holiday trip in Cambodia. Have you guys ever been??? Lovely place but damn, the whole place feels like a gigantic oven to me 😉


Anyway, the holiday trip is actually a photo orgy with good friend, eleanorrigby236, who is the co-founder of Cool Girls Shoot Film ( if you’re curious or already into film photography, please check out this awesome website XD ). 

And by orgy, I mean we did nothing else but took photos of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh on various formats (film, digital, iPhone…). It was a one-week trip but check out the amount of film rolls I took:





This trip also allowed me to try out my new Belair medium format camera that I got few months back but never had the time to actually shoot anything on it (until this Cambodia trip that is).Image


I’ll be writing more about the trip as well as post the pictures that I took over there soon. Also, I can’t wait to share some of the black-&-white film rolls that I developed myself XD

Hope everyone is doing well. Til then, take care!